Ayub Hamid

(aka Ustaadz Ayub Hamid and Sheikh Ayub)

Ustaadh Imam Ayub was born into a devout Ahlus-Sunnaah wal-Jama’ah Miyyaan family of Lahore, Pakistan. He graduated FA from Government College (GCU) Lahore and completed his B. Com. (Hons.) from Hailey College of Commerce, Punjab University, Lahore. He completed the CA Intermediate from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan, and then obtained the professional accounting designation CPA (CMA) and information system audit designation CISA while in Canada. He learnt Arabic throughout his school and college days. His Islamic education has been both extensive and intensive starting from a very early age and continuing to this day.


During his GC college days, he went through a period of questioning and challenging everything he was taught about Allaah, religion and Islam. He came out of this phase consciously, wholeheartedly and enthusiastically declaring:

" I turn my face wholly, solely and sincerely towards He Who created the whole universe.

Indeed my Salaah (rites of worship), my rites of sacrifice, my living and my dying, all are for Allaah, the Lord of the universe, Who has no partner or equal. "

Since that realization, he has dedicated his life to the service of Islam and Muslim Ummah as a humble slave of Allaah SWT. His mission is to:

  • Bring the Ummah back on track of the pure Islam as it was practised by the Companions under the guidance of and according to the perfectly excellent model of the Prophet sall-Allaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam.
  • Remind the Ummah of the goal of life and objectives of Deen for which Allaah SWT had bestowed us Islam;
  • Educate the Ummah in Islam as a complete system of life that must be implemented in every aspect and sphere of a Muslim’s individual life as well as the Muslim community’s collective life, through out their lives.
  • Encourage Muslims to unify at the local masjid level to form a cohesive Jamaa’ah to work cohesively for the attainment of the above-mentioned goals and objectives.

He has translated the Qur’aan in easy-to-understand modern English and written complete Tafseer to explain the message of the Qur’aan. The translation and Tafseer are available at altafseer.ca as well as at alquraan.ca.

He has also authored the following books:

  • Islam – Does it make Sense?
  • Exploring the Islamic Beliefs
  • Islam – Adopting its Paradigms
  • A Book Unlike Any Other
  • The Nazm of the Qur’aan – The Insights into Soorah Arrangements
  • Was Prophet Muhammad’s Advent Foretold?
  • Was Muhammad the Last Messenger of Allaah? (a small booklet)
  • Islam – an Overview (A brochure)
  • An Urdu book titled: Deen main kaamyaabi ka tareeqah awr nakaami kay asbaab.

He has conducted numerous Islamic workshops, youth camps, Qur’aanic studies sessions, discussion groups, Halaqahs and Tafseer programs. He has served as voluntary Imam, Khateeb and Marriage Officer, undertaken jail visitation and street Da’wah programs and helped families in distress through marriage and youth counselling. He has authored many articles on topics of Islamic significance, hosted a TV program called “Islamic Perspectives” on the local community access channel, represented the Muslim community in local media (radio, TV and newspapers) and developed multiple courses to improve the lot of the Muslim Ummah in Canada. He has given talks and made presentations in many churches in Manitoba and Ontario to develop interfaith understanding and cooperation.

He advocates active and effective participation of Muslims in the civil and political process of the countries of their residence. For that purpose, he co-authored a workbook, “Opportunities and plans for Canadian Muslims Involvement in Civil and Political Processes.” He also encourages Muslims to be at the forefront of serving humanity through volunteering their services for professional and social service institutions and charitable organizations.

(His Profession related roles and accomplishment and his services to the professional community have been excluded).

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