January 2, 2022

Looking into the Mirror

Looking into the mirror is an important part of our daily life. It help us look our best. It identifies to us where and how much we need correction or improvment; e.g. cleaning, straightening our hair or applying make up.

History of previous Umam (nations) is a very clear mirror that shows us where we stand and what will be the  consequence of keeping that way; or where we should change and what will be the benefits of that change.

Here is the picture of an Ummah (nation) before us indicating what was expected of them and what were they doing. Let us see if we can see ourselves in that mirror:

The Job:

To witness the truth, to stand up for justice, to establish Islam system of justice, peace and excellence as dominant way of life, to convey this message of Islam to all the people of the world, to spend life as a continuous Jihaad in the way of Allaah; and , to love Allaah with all their heart, all their souls, all their mind, and all their might.

The Reward: 

Status and privilege of being Allaah's favoured and beloved nation; triumph over enemies; and, eternal bliss, happiness and enjoyment in the Hereafter.

Their performance: 

They could not stay dominant or keep Islam as a dominant way of life because of infighting, discordance, and selfishness. They were preoccupied with too much Fiqh details ignoring the spirit of obedience.

Their worldly indulgence, pleasures, aspirations and expediencies developed to such an extent that Allaah got dropped off the list of their priorities. The One whose love and obedience was the ultimate objective in life was given a peripheral role in life. Jihad became undesirable or forgotten for most of the times. Standing for truth and justice became un-diplomatic and in-expedient. They wanted to hear only of  the nice things of the religion, not of punishment, sacrifice or hardships.

The needs of the poor, indigent, widows and orphans were neglected. Charity and generosity was not encouraged.

People started frank socialization with Kuffar or developing the relationships of love and fidelity with Kuffar. They started adopting some of their cultural practices. They watched them worship idols without exhorting them against it. They developed a liking for graven images and starting decorating their homes with idols. They started participating in the ritual fairs and celebrations of other religions.  They became superstitious delving into divination, omens and horoscopes. They started eating pagan food and accepting interest to be lawful in the given circumstances.

Their ladies' appearance, gait, and stance became haughty, immodest, inviting and revealing. Sex became their preoccupation and they started giving lusty looks to the women of their neighbours.

Even in this condition, most of them considered themselves the real favourites of Allaah and they fanatically followed the rituals of the religion. In the time of trouble, they still called upon Allaah and expected Him to help them out.

Who are they ?

It might appear that Muslims are being described here. Not so. In fact, these are the things about which prophets like David, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, and Jesus warned Banee Israaeel in the Bible.

The consequences:

In the Qur-aan we are told that Bani Israeel were warned to mend their ways, purify their behaviour and adopt the lifestyle imbued with the love of Allaah. When they did not take heed, they were warned twice and destroyed after each warning: first by Babylonians; then, by Romans.

They got dominated and ruled by enemies. When they continued in their ways, they were persecuted, imprisoned, tortured, slaughtered en masse, crushed, humiliated, destroyed, thrown out of their homes, dispersed from their land, raped, mutilated, thrown in front of beasts, etc. On both occasions even their temple was destroyed.

The Qur-aan also tells if they will repeat that sort of behaviour, the punishment will be repeated as well. The history has already seen it repeated.

The Lesson: 

The law of Allaah does not change with time or with people. Any Ummah that behaves like them will be punished like them. Even if they are Muslims.

The questions to think about are: What does the current condition of the Muslim Ummah indicate? Shouldn't Muslims change to avoid a similar fate?

Al-Ĥamdulillah, a lot of Muslims are thinking seriously about these factors. Muslims are taking steps to turn back to Allaah and revert to the glory destined for the believers. Let us be among them who are changing for the better.

( Highlights of the discussion ensuing from the first section of the Surah Bani Israeel, Chapter 17, held on November 13, 1992 in Urdu Halaqa).

Posted in Ummah State of Affairs on January 2, 2022 by Ayub Hamid

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