January 2, 2022

What has gone wrong?

There was a time when the Muslims enjoyed Allaah’s favours. If they prayed, Allaah granted their Du‘aas. If they fought, Allaah helped them. If they said something with confidence in Allaah, He made it come true. Allaah SWT was very clearly on their side. As a result, they enjoyed influence, power and leadership of the humanity over the earth. People respected them for their virtues. Kings feared confronting them. Public cherished their fairness, kindness, justice and magnanimity.

Here we are: Pushed around, persecuted, terrorized, debased, dishonoured and subjugated. Details are not called for, we all know in our hearts where we stand! 

Obviously, Allaah is not on our side. But why?  Especially when many of us are practising Islam to a great extent?

Look around this Ramadhaan. Masjids are full. Qur’aanic recitation and Taraweehs are in full swing. There is an overflow of people on Fridays. Some Masjids are having Friday Ŝalaah in two and even three shifts. Some are renting bigger halls. So many people even dress up in (so called) Islamic garbs. Caps are donned. Even Amaamahs (turban like cloth tied over the cap) are common. Lengthy du’aas are made in Witr. People earnestly request Allaah’s help for their individual and Ummah problems. People cry and humble themselves. Tears flow and Aameen seems coming right from the hearts. Millions of people do that every night especially in the last ten nights. The scenes on 27th night are really moving. And that is not all.

Some very religious people flock to Makkah and Madeenah to pray in the most blessed places on the earth. There, the du‘aas are even longer, the cries louder and tears abundant. Hundreds of thousands of the most religious Muslims, in the holiest of the Masjids, Ĥaramain Shreefain, in the most blessed month in the most auspicious of the nights praying the most earnestly for Ummah and its well being, against its enemies and its problems.

What is the outcome?

It appears Allaah SWT is not listening!  The situation seems to get worse, rather than getting better. Why? After all, these acts (the Ŝalaah, the Qur’aan, the Taraweeh, the Du‘aas) are all good, essential Islamic acts and all these Du‘aas are sincere requests. Why are they not producing the results they should produce?

Allaah SWT is still the Most Merciful and His promise to believers has not changed either. The Qur’aan’s word is still very true that Allaah SWT answers the prayers (Du‘aas). Then, what has gone wrong?

It must be something very grave that has angered Allaah SWT. It needs to be remedied. So what is it?

Here are the clues:

  1. The Jews had the same problem, ‘Eesa (Jesus), peace be upon him diagnosed it and told them the remedy;
  2. The Qur’aan, when read with open heart reflecting upon it, presents the solution clearly;
  3. The Seerah of our beloved Prophet, ŝall-Allaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam, and his lifestyle he lived from age forty demonstrates it beautifully.

Do you think it is essential for each of us to find the remedy and cure our problems?

July 1, 1999

Posted in Ummah State of Affairs on January 2, 2022 by Ayub Hamid

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